Episode 4: Sarah Ramsay - Hosted by Gareth Bayliss

Jun 08, 2020

Biography: Sarah's expertise is in developing commercial growth strategies. Which is overlaid with a passion for operations efficiency and performance management - processes ingrained after an early career in investment management, running her own marketing agency for 9 years, being a professional governor of several NFPs, investor in numerous startups and the co-owner of a CNC manufacturing facility.

You can’t survive off software, ‘physical things’ are still going to exist in the future – they’re just going to get cooler and more sophisticated. That’s why her husband and herself purchased his family business United Machinists in 2016. They get to help make components for NZ’s leading high tech high value exporters – like ShotOver Camera Systems, TASKA Prosthetics and Scott Waterjet.

Startups do change the world and changing the world from right Dunedin is a pretty cool thing to be part of. That’s why she loves investing her time and oftentimes funds into startups as an angel investor and as Chair of Startup Dunedin. Most importantly, she's got a toddler, Finlay. Watching him rapidly grow into a great human is her biggest achievement to date!

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