Stephen Nelson's Book Recommendation: Reinventing Organisations by Frederick Laloux

Sep 08, 2020

For the launch of Icehouse Central, we have asked our incredible Icehouse Business Coaches to share with us the books that have been life changing and instrumental to them.

Stephen Nelson has an exceptionally strong background in retail and in helping businesses achieve growth. He is also a Leadership Develoment Programme alumni. Here is one of his MUST read recommendations and what he says about it: "What I love about this book is the conceptual nature of it and the way it makes you think about organisations you currently part of and how perhaps, in time, they could evolve into something quite different. For anyone who would like to challenge the very nature of organisations and how they work, I think this is a very stimulating read."

Discover a sample of this book here.

Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux

Curious who Stephen Nelson is? Read more about him here.

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