Eight irrefutable reasons why you need to take a holiday break

Dec 03, 2020

Did you catch our exclusive webinar with Dr Sven Hansen, founder of The Resilience Institute, around end of year resilience and wellbeing? You will have picked up some amazing tips on how to switch off for the summer season – and how to integrate wellbeing processes into your daily routines now and in the future.

‘You’ve got four weeks to Christmas. How are you going to prepare for it? How are you going to make sure you can step into this holiday time ready to rock? Prioritise the sleep, prioritise the exercise, and prioritise the relaxation,’ he says.

Away from Dr Sven’s fantastic advice, here are eight reasons why you really, really, need to take some high-quality time-out over the holiday season:

70% of entrepreneurs experience poor mental health. Calmer

Just 49% of business owners take a week off from their business. It’s not enough. American Express

Reading reduces stress levels by 68% and eases muscle and heart tension. The University of Sussex

500,000 Brits have reduced or no longer take medication for their mental health condition thanks to swimming. BBC News

95% of people feel good after spending time with nature. Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand

48% of SME employers believe a happy team leads to greater productivity. Xero

High-quality sleep organises new information 40% more efficiently. US National Institute of Health

Music that has a tempo of 60 beats per minute increases the efficiency of the brain in processing information. ReachOut.com

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